Monday, February 4, 2013

Healthcare IT Recruiter Certification Now Available

The need for experienced Recruiters in the Healthcare IT industry runs almost as deep as the need for experienced Healthcare IT Analysts / Consultants. 

Now more than ever, the demand for Recruiters that are knowledgeable in this industry is driving the need for better recruitment training.  Experienced Healthcare IT Professionals want to speak with Recruiters that understand their qualifications and how to "sell their resume" to prospective clients and employers. Too often they find that many Recruiters are "key-word searchers" and have no solid understanding of what those words mean or involve.

By obtaining a Healthcare IT Staffing certification a recruiter can promote their credentials on their Linkedin Profile and resume showing that they have solid training in the industry.  The certification includes multiple modules on everything from What is an EMR to Understanding Industry Acronyms to Vendor Specifics.  Even more exciting is how convenient it is to get certified, the course is 100% virtual and can be accomplished at your own pace.

For more information check out the press release here:  and then use the link in the article to get a substantial discount!

For more information this and other EMR / Healthcare IT Industry related courses:

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