Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What Email You Use Is Important When Seeking New Employment

Your email provider and email address are extremely important when you are seeking new employment.  I've touched on this subject in previous posts, but felt it was important to shed more light on this topic.

Email Address Tips:
  • Keeping your email address simple and incorporating your name is ideal.  (ex: JohnDoeResume@gmail)
  • Shared email addresses should not be used for resume responses - if you share an email with your spouse or family, create a private, personal email address that is just for responses to your resume.
  • Never use your current business/employer's email address for your job search!
  • Making references to your religious, political or other beliefs or your personal status in your email address is not advisable, keep those for personal emails. (exs: DieHardLiberal@yahoo, SingleAndLooking@aol , LovinMaryJane@ymail or ChickenFarmer@aol etc)
  • Sexual references of any type should NEVER be used in an email address you are using on your resume. 
  • Keeping it simple by just using your name and something that specifies the email is solely for your job search makes it easier for an employer to remember it, shows you're focused on your career search and doesn't open one up for immediate discrimination.
The Importance of What Server You Use:
  • Using EarthLink is the absolute worst possible email server to use when engaging in a career search.  EarthLink spits out automated responses to unrecognized incoming emails that require the sender to fill out a quick questionnaire regarding who they are and why they're emailing.  While this is great for reducing spam, it will also reduce the amount of response you receive on your resume.  If you like EarthLink's spam protection utilize it for your personal email.  Chose a simple and free email server like Yahoo or Gmail for your resume responses.
  • Make sure when setting up the email account that you turn off the spam protection options.  Since you are going to utilize this email only for your job search, you can sift through a little spam.  When turned on most spam blockers will automatically block emails from businesses that are interested in your resume and send them to junk mail or block them all together so you never see them.
Additional Email Tips:
  • Make sure when you create a new email that you update your current resume and also the resumes you have posted on various job boards.  I've run into situations often where I am responding to a resume via a job board only to have the email bounce back as no longer active, even if the resume was posted just a few weeks ago.
  • If you are already working with a potential employer or recruiter(s) when you update your email address, make sure you send out a quick email notifying them of the change. (always BCC if you're sending to multiple recipients)
  • If your email server has a limit on how many emails it will store, make sure you're clearing out your inbox on a daily basis.
By applying these email methods you should be able to greatly simplify your employment search process.

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  1. Via LinkedIn:
    Danny Castro
    Resource Deployment / Project Manager
    When I was performing a project for a company in college the former contact they had committed a double whammy. He had a AOL address listed and a variation of the name doctor booty. The moment I saw that I realized why he was not taken very seriously.

  2. Via LinkedIn:
    Roger Rustad, Jr.
    systems architect
    PROTIP: Using an AOL address on anything professional is career suicide.

  3. Via LinkedIn:
    Guru srinivasan
    at London School of Commerce
    unfortunately many do not understand that there are three places where an address is put To:, Cc: and BCc: .At work, if I get an email that is incorrectly addressed, I take it as the representative of the sender's personality trait and I form my opinion.Especially when I receive CVs, email addresses that are inappropriate, does not get a "look-in".

  4. Via LinkedIn:
    Aleksandra Krstic
    Marketing and Administration Coordinator
    I absolutely do not like when someone put my email in TO or CC with others. People should learn more about using BCC. Also, if you have opportunity the best way is to make an email address as namelastname@ or name.lastname@, in my opinion it is the most professional way, especially if you are sending your Resume (CV) or simiar...

  5. An important tip via Brian McKenzie (LinkedIn)
    Military Intelligence Analyst | Russian Regional SME :
    Let your readers know that several robo-scrubbers will kick out a hotmail account, and if you pass the Taleo-x / KeneXa widget - it could still get kicked merely for that email because some consulting company is preaching to neglect the entire domain. So nix the hotmail - even it is your name, even it is 'professional' - the Robots don't like it.