Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Identify Yourself

When contacting a Recruiter or potential employer it is important to identify yourself.  Whether you are submitting a resume for the first time, or checking in via voicemail or text about the status of your resume, it is crucial to let the other party know who you are!

A typical recruiter or hiring manager will have multiple people in the interview process at once.  Many recruiters and hiring managers are trying to fill numerous jobs at once.  By identifying who you are when you reach out, it will save you and your point of contact precious time.

Here are just a few example scenarios:

Phone Call / Answered:  "Hi, we've spoken in the past and I saw you had an Ambulatory role posted online, I'm really interested"  - typically this dialog goes on for a few more minutes, but I'm unable to look the person up in the database to see if they're qualified for the role until they take a breath and I can ask them who they are. 
Solution:  "Hi There, this is James, we spoke back in May.  I'm an Ambulatory Certified Analyst and saw you have posted a role that fits my qualifications do you have time to discuss"?

Voice Mail:  "Hi, I'm calling to find out if you have gotten any feedback from the client about my resume, let me know".  - the recruiter / hiring manager will have to try to run your phone number through the database to see if your information comes up, or try to call you back and ask who you are. 
Solution:  "Hello, this is Mark, I'm calling to see if XYZ Hospital has responded to my resume"?

Text Message - "Hi!  Did you get any feedback from the client yet"? - I have to text back "who is this"?.  It would be impossible for every recruiter/hiring manager to have the phone numbers of everyone they have in the submittal/interview process in their phones.
Solution:  "Hi!  This is Trina.  Did XYZ Hospital respond to my resume yet?"

Email: - Hi, I'm interested in hearing more about your go-live projects" - often there is no resume attached, no name and no other contact info.  Typically these emails do not get responded to.
Solution:  "Hi, my name is Adeola, my resume is attached for your review, I'm very interested in your upcoming Epic go-lives".

Taking a few extra seconds to identify yourself will help assure you get a timely response!

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